The preparation is scheduled according to time preferences of the applicant and the organized preparation at the TRIGGER SERVICES shooting range. The date is as much tailored to the needs of the applicant as possible. The basic training lasts 3 hours (depending on the extent of individual categories and the number of weapons) and covers clarifying of the content of selected test questions, including verbal semantic tools for quicker mastering of correct answers.

We put emphasis on the practical part and we guarantee that the applicant successfully passes this part of the exam. That includes handling of weapons and shooting with live cartridges. We'll be happy to help with test questions but it is the applicant's responsibility to learn them themselves.

After completing the basic practical training, applicants have the possibility to repeatedly visit the TRIGGER SERVICE shooting range (in its operational hours) at very favorable prices up to the date of the exam where they can practice handling of weapons, including shooting with live cartridges.

In such a case, only CZK 300,- for category E or D, CZK 400,- for category C and CZK 450,- for category B or A is to be paid. The price includes complete services, a rental charge and an instructor. Individual amount to be added per ammunition consumed.


After the applicant successfully passes the examination, we can advise about issues concerning weapons, ammunition and self-defense.


For more information and to order a course, please contact us.

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