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  • headphones
  • glasses
  • belt
  • gun holster
  • magazine case
  • weapon and ammunition (everything can be borrowed on site)
  • suitable clothing for concealed carry of a weapon (shirt, sweatshirt, jacket, vest to cover the holster) 


The course is intended for all interested members of the general public who want to start with the shooting discipline of LOS (People's Defense Shooting), which is the original Czech shooting competition intended especially for those who have decided to carry a firearm for their defense. This sports discipline aims to deepen shooting and tactical skills and to instill safe handling of a firearm in various stressful situations that are modeled at competitions. From this point of view, unlike other shooting disciplines, LOS combines the techniques of sports and defensive shooting in such a way that, in addition to sports enjoyment, it also prepares the interested party for real defensive situations that may arise in life.

The course is practically oriented. The introductory theory introduces the participants to the basic rules and methods of shooting, however, the focus of the entire course is on a number of practical demonstrations and mainly on shooting practice and practical solutions to basic types of situations that a shooter may encounter during a LOS competition.


Instructor: Jaroslav Ráček

Difficulty: beginner (arms license holder)

Span: 3,5 hour

Place: indoor shooting range

Max. pc of person: 6

Min. pc of person: 3

Price of course: 2 390 CZK


What is the content of course?

LOS Discipline Rules

Explanation of concepts and skills such as reloading, concealed carry, evaluating shooting situations

Help with the selection of shooter equipment for this discipline

Practical training in shooting and other necessary skills

Preparation for the race in LOS



the course is designed for firearm license holders

the date of the course is 1 x every month and the course takes place at the Trigger Service shooting range

opening time, on Sunday from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

the duration of the course is 4 hours of pure time (organized 10:00 - 14:00)

the maximum number of people in the course is 6



weapon, cartridges (can be bought on site at a discounted price), gun holster, magazine holster, belt, glasses, headphones (all can be rented on site)

suitable clothing for concealed carry (shirt, sweatshirt, jacket, vest to cover the holster and magazines)

refreshments are at the own expense of the course participant (can be purchased on site to a limited extent)



graduates receive a certificate

it is possible to arrange an individual course and its content

You can get more information about this course from the shooting range staff.

Jaroslav Ráček, the champion of the Czech Republic in LOS, took over the guarantee for the course.

If the minimum capacity is not used, we reserve the right / / / /