SURVIVE - Wilderness Survival Course

COURSE "Survive" - Wilderness Survival Course

Want to be ready for everything? Also for staying alone in a forest with no
resources or even with a group of people to take care of?

No food, no shelter and almost no equipment? 
We'll teach you the necessary skills. To make a fire, find food sources, defend yourself,
sweep away your tracks and navigate to safety, and primarily to save your life.  

Date: Sept. 1 - Sept. 3, 2017
Location: secret
Duration of the course: 2 x 1.5 hour of theory + 2 days in the wilderness  
Course conditions:
The minimum age of the participants is 15 years. All health restrictions need to be consulted in advance. Each participant participates in the course voluntarily and at their own risk. 

What the course involves: 

  • Basic equipment (flint and steel, compass, parachute cord, chemical light, transport to the destination)
  • One packed daily dose of food
  • One unpacked daily dose of food


What you will learn:

  • Psychology of survival
  • Tactics and protection in open space
  • Fire - preparation and making a fire, function
  • Overnight stay - place, isolation, creation of a shelter
  • Navigation, orientation
  • Water - getting water
  • First aid - use of natural medicines
  • Overcoming obstacles - horizontal, vertical
  • Covering tracks - tactics against tracking, masking
  • Getting food - traps, collection a preparation of food

Course content:

Before landing in nature, participants attend two 90 minutes lectures that will help you to successfully complete the course. We will discuss theoretical issues regarding navigation, getting food and basic information about equipment necessary for the course.

1st day - arrival at the base in the morning. We'll start with an introductory briefing and the program. After that, everyone will themselves make a spoon that will be used by them for all the three days. We will practically discuss the herbs, cooking and making fire then. We will bivouac, go to sleep and the next day, we'll move and mask ourselves.

2nd day - all-day march with stops for topography, traps, anti-tracking measures, tool making, bivouacking and preparation for a night relocation. Night relocation to the base camp then; an early-morning sleep.

3rd day - medical preparation, examination and evaluation of the entire stay in wilderness. Awarding certificates based on the results.