Basic preparatory courses to obtain a firearms license

Basic preparatory courses to obtain a firearms license

We organize preparatory courses for the technical part of the firearms license examination.

These courses last 2–3 hours and prepare you for obtaining a firearms license.

The courses take place every day from 10 a. m. to 1 p. m., with a maximum of 4 participants.

We recommend to pass this course 10 days before the examination at the most, so that you have all the routines from the course freshly experienced and accurate.

In this course, you will learn the basic parts and controls of weapons, how to safely control, check, load and properly hold a weapon, take a shooting position and shoot, safely interrupt or stop shooting and disassemble and reassemble a weapon.

We recommend that you repeat everything you learned and make sure that you are well prepared for the examination 1–3 days before the exam.

Our instructors will be available to you.

Our instructors with years of experience will prepare you for safe handling and shooting in connection with the firearms license examination for groups:


  • A – for collecting purposes
  • B – for sportive purposes
  • C – for hunting purposes
  • D – to execute a job or a profession
  • E – to protect life, health or property   



The course is conducted by shooting instructors Petra Pěčková, Rudolf Táborský, Jiří Mareček

For more information please call +420 541 218 197
(10 a. m. till 9 p. m.)