1.  Familiarization with the conditions for obtaining a firearms license

  • Conditions for obtaining a firearms license
  • For more information see 

2.  Submitting the application for the professional competence examination to obtain a firearms license

  • Police of the Czech Republic, Dpt. for weapons and safety material, contact place
  • Brno, Příční 31 (office hours Mon, Wed 8:00 a. m. till 5:00 p. m., Fri 8:00 a. m. till noon),
  • in other parts of the South Moravian region at contact places, usually at the place of a former DPD;
  • fill in the application form for the professional competence examination and hand it over (forms are available on the spot) together with the 100 CZK revenue stamp (available at Czech post offices);
  • select the date and place of the examination (3 dates are usually offered) when handing over the application form.

3.  Preparation for the examination

  • Master test questions; 
  • it is possible to learn the answers here as well as from other web pages, e. g.;
  • apply for a preparation course of safe handling of weapons (we organize them on an individual basis after a prior order – e-mail, phone);
  • a part of the preparation course is shooting from the same weapons that will be used during the examination.

4.  Successfully pass the professional competence examination and obtain a firearms license

  • The examination is organized by the Police, usually once a month, on a Thursday, and lasts from 9 a. m. to 1 p. m.;
  • it is necessary to bring own stationery and a personal document (an ID, a passport, a driving license);
  • after the examination, a 'Certificate of passing the exam' will be issued and further forms will be handed over to the applicant. 

5.  Handing in the documents and collecting the firearms license

  • Hand the documents (Certificate of passing the exam, Certificate of Medical Fitness, Firearms license request, 1 photo, eventually a request for permission to purchase a category B weapon) over to the Police.
  • The Police are obliged to issue the firearms license within 30 days but usually do so earlier and invite the applicant to collect the firearms license.
  • After the notice (an SMS, a phone call, a letter) you should collect your firearms license from the Police. / / / /